Your computer troubles
are over

“We tame your computer
when it misbehaves.”

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If you just have a quick computer question or if your computer is in dire need of a tune-up, we'll be there, right away. If disaster strikes, we guarantee you'll get a response time of less than an hour.


We can help with any and all computer problems or questions a home user or small business might have. Just name it! We guarantee you'll be happy with our work. But don't take our word for it.


Security is built-in to our name. We'll be your technology watchdog, so your systems will remain safe, secure, and standards compliant. In fact, we'll prove it by providing a report on what we found and fixed.

"For over fifteen years, I’ve been providing computer users with friendly, punctual, competent guidance on their IT concerns.

I try to make technology as easy as can be. I’m always happy to explain, in simple terms, what I’m doing and what you can do to keep your computer healthy and secure.

You deserve proactive, no-hassle computer service,
and that's what we'll give you."

-Chris Petersen, owner, Watchdog Technology

Expert setup, friendly explanations

  • Your computer should ‘just work’ and we’ll do what it takes to ensure that it does.
  • We’ll tell you what’s important but won’t burden your attention with unnecessary details.
  • We’re competent. You won’t see us banging our heads against the same problem over and over.
  • You can just get on with using your computer. Your computer usage should be easy, painless, seamless.



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